At RELY DENTAL, we believe that orthodontics involves more than “straightening teeth” — it enhances health and self-esteem and may improve a person’s overall quality of life. We you come in for a visit you will meet with our certified orthodontists to address your concerns and conduct a thorough orthodontic examination of your teeth, bite and facial balance. The doctor will then discuss the diagnosis and present a customized treatment plan for your individual situation. 


Do You Need Braces?

The first step in the process of getting braces is finding out if you truly need braces. Understanding why your child, loved one, or even you yourself might need braces can be complex and varies with each individual. Take some time to learn about who the best candidates for braces as well as the potential benefits of braces, which go beyond just having straight teeth.

Orthodontic Records

Long before you actually get your braces put onto your teeth, your orthodontist will obtain orthodontic records from you. Orthodontic records contain information on your past dental history, and they work to help your orthodontist plan your treatment, from where each bracket needs to be placed to predicting what your teeth will look like when your treatment has been completed.


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