My Formal is Soon, What Can I Do to Improve My Smile?

Your formal is coming up, and you are embarrassed by your smile. What do you do? Call the dentist. Whether you are getting ready for the homecoming dance, prom, or any formal event, you want to be confident enough to show off your smile. Your formal is something that only happens in high school and is something you look forward to all year long. These pictures will last a lifetime, and so will your memories, but making sure you love your pictures takes work and planning. We can help you love your smile at Rely Dental Texas, even if your formal is only a week or two away. Here are a few of the steps we recommend.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned at Rely Dental & Orthodontics

Call and schedule teeth cleaning with our dental office. We can get you scheduled right away, and you will be amazed by how much better your teeth look when they are clean, and the plaque and tartar have been removed. Plaque can make your teeth appear yellow and stained, even when they are not dirty. The good news is that teeth cleaning can usually be completed in under an hour. After all, cleaning is more important for your health than your appearance.

Teeth Whitening Options at Rely Dental & Orthodontics

If your teeth have become stained, it may not be your fault. Even taking antibiotics can make your white teeth turn yellow. Drinking soda and eating a great deal of pasta with red sauce or soy sauce on your sushi can stain your teeth. Unfortunately, these stains can make you look far older and even unhealthy. It is not the look you want to remember from high school. It would help if you were fresh-faced and beautiful with bright white teeth. We will do everything possible to give you a beautiful smile during one appointment. The whitening strips you buy in the store can take weeks to produce real results. When you visit our dental office for teeth whitening, you will use a professional-grade whitening solution that works far better than anything you can buy in the store. The kits sold in the store are typically designed to remove the surface stains on your teeth. They will work well to remove the stains from your recent soda drinking, but they may do nothing for the discoloration caused by taking antibiotics. Our solution will address all this because it penetrates your enamel to target the molecules inside your teeth, causing them to reflect less light and appear colorless. Our teeth whitening solution can whiten your teeth by eight shades or more. It can dramatically change the appearance of your smile in time for homecoming or prom, and the appointment can be fast. With less than a week to go, you can visit our office and see improvements to your smile.

Facial Exercises at Rely Dental & Orthodontics

At Rely Dental Texas, we mainly focus on the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. However, there are other things you can do to improve your smile, including doing facial exercises. You can practice by looking in the mirror and flashing your biggest possible grin. Hold it for 10 to 30 seconds and repeat it throughout the day. You can also work your facial muscles by singing loudly and passionately. Pull out your smartphone, download a karaoke app, and get carried away. It is fun to work your muscles, and your friends can join in. If you are worried about the skin around your chin, you can tighten it by pointing your chin toward the ceiling and kissing the air. Kiss the air 20 times and repeat twice. It is a simple exercise; like how you exercise the rest of your body, you can improve your facial muscles and smile.

Floss daily

Flossing removes plaque between teeth and out from under the gumlines, where a toothbrush can’t reach. Daily flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. When left alone, plaque and tartar build up under the surface of the gumlines. It can cause periodontal disease, which leads to bone destruction and tooth loss. To floss properly, wrap the floss tightly around your finger and insert it in the space between your teeth. Gently slide it up and down under the gumlines two to three times. If bleeding occurs, this is most likely due to gingivitis or gum disease. When flossing daily, the bleeding associated with mild to moderate gingivitis usually stops after about two weeks. If you can’t stand flossing, try an oral irrigator. This device sprays water or mouthwash to remove plaque and food between your teeth and below your gumline.

See your hygienist twice a year

Routine cleanings every six months help to promote good oral health and a beautiful smile. When your cleanings are irregular, you can develop periodontal disease. It can cause unsightly swollen, receding, and bleeding gums. It’s also linked to health conditions like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, premature births, and sleep apnea. In addition to removing stains and tartar from your teeth, your dental hygienist will screen for health conditions like high blood pressure and oral cancer. Because many health conditions manifest in the mouth, your dentist and hygienist can make you aware of issues you should follow up on with your doctor.

Form good habits for a great smile

It can take some time before you start to notice changes from whitening or improved oral hygiene. While these changes don’t come overnight, they are worth the time and effort, both for the sake of your smile and your overall health.

We love our patients and love to help them form healthy dental life that will last them a lifetime. For more information call us today to answer all of your questions so get an appointment today.

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