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Introducing the Invisalign System

A beautiful new smile increases self-esteem, improves confidence and results in a brighter, happier you. With Invisalign, discovering the new you is easier than you think.

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom made just for you. As you replace each aligner, your teeth will move, little by little, week by week, until they have straightened to the final position prescribed by your dentist.

Comfortable, removable and nearly invisible, creating your brand new smile is easier and more convenient than ever before.

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See your smile transformation before you commit to Invisalign

Before you start treatment, your Invisalign Provider will design a precise, personalised 3D virtual treatment plan, using ClinCheck® technology that digitally maps your entire Invisalign journey. Your treatment plan shows the series of movements your teeth are projected to go through over the course of your treatment. This enables you to see what your teeth are expected to look like when the treatment is finished and how long your treatment will be.


Customised just for you

From a digital scan or impressions taken at your first appointment, each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth, and your teeth only.


You can remove your Invisalign aligners to eat, drink and clean your teeth. You can even remove them for special occasions, like a job interview or party, although you’ll be surprised how few people notice you’re wearing them.


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