Our comprehensive orthodontic services include adult orthodontics which involves braces, clear aligners, pediatric orthodontics and surgical orthodontics. All our orthodontic treatments are effective, customized and affordable. Our smile team makes every effort to ensure that you get high-quality oral care, save time and get the desired results with no compromise on quality and your budget.

Here’s a brief overview of our orthodontic services
Your misaligned teeth not only stop you from smiling and speaking confidently but can also result in severe oral health issues. Poor oral health can mean cavities, gum diseases, bad breath etc.We offer multiple options in braces which meet not only your orthodontic requirements but your budget as well. You can choose from traditional braces, ceramic braces and Damon braces.
Clear aligners are a great option if you need orthodontic treatment but are averse to braces. They are a more aesthetically pleasing option that can be removed. We customize clear aligners specially for you with our accurate and fast 3D Printing technology. We offer Invisalign® for adults, Invisalign® for teens and ClearCorrect.

Your child should get his or her first orthodontic evaluation by the time he or she turns 7. We have extensive experience in pediatric orthodontics for the two-phase orthodontic treatment which comprises phase one or interceptive treatment and phase two orthodontic treatment. Phase one orthodontic treatment focuses on creating a strong foundation for correct eruption and growth of permanent teeth with different types of appliances such as a palate expander. Phase two involves full orthodontic braces and retainers on upper and lower teeth to improve and maintain your child’s corrected smile. This also improves your child’s oral health so that the risk of related issues such as gum diseases are reduced.